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As expected, Smart security technology Co.,Ltd released new 4K/H.265+ UHD cameras. Following is some information about this new Hi3519.

Designed for smart network cameras, Hi3519 integrates the latest 4K technology, it works with maximum 320 megapixel CMOS image sensor, supports 4K@60fps encoding with HEVC/H.265 compression format. In addition to 4K and H.265 encoding, the new SoC supports multi-frame wide dynamic range, multi-level 3D noise reduction, also comes with Huawei IoT Lite OS.

Because of mature technology, highly cost-effective and easy to mass produce, Hisilicon video surveillance SoC solution has been widely used in low and middle market. Hisilicon brings its 4K/H.265+ strategy to users. The 4K/H.265+ solution no longer merely provide hardware solution, it includes hardware, network connection, cloud storage, App four parts.

Hi3519 Hisilicon 4K/H.265+

 SMTSEC 4K UHD Cameras with Hi3519 Hisilicon 4K/H.265+


At the end of last year, Hisilicon released its first HEVC/H.265 SoC Hi3516A for network cameras. Hisilicon continues working HEVC/H.265 technology development and innovation, in addition to owning HEVC/H.265 core patent, Hisilicon innovatively optimized HEVC/H.265 technology, launched Hisilicon patent innovative HEVC/H.265+ technology, which meets current needs for "Ultra high definition, low bitrate" video surveillance application. The 5th generation Hi-Lark smart 4K HEVC/H.265 video processing engine supports up to 4Kx2K@60fps encoding with HEVC/H.265 Main 10 @ Level 5.1 compression profile. It supports video stream bitrate from as low as 384Kbit to maximum 160Mbit/s. The Hi-Lark also supports smart video encoding technologies including RDO, AC, PE, RC.

Hisilicon Hi-Lark video processing engine

SMTSEC 4K UHD Cameras with Hisilicon Hi-Lark video processing engine



The Hi3519 is based on its predecessor Hi3518. However, its image processing capability is better than Hi3518 (including Hi3518C and Hi3518E). Compared with Hi3518's D-WDR (digital WDR) and 2D noise reduction, the new Hi3519 supports multi-frame wide dynamic range (True WDR) and 3D noise reduction. Additionally, the Hi-ISP technology supports extreme low illumination and ACM/DCI enhancement color/contrast technology, De-fog, fisheye correction etc to deliver optimum video quality.

Hisilicon Hi-ISP video processing engine

 SMTSEC 4K UHD Cameras with Hisilicon Hi-ISP video processing engine


It's undeniable that intelligent video analysis is the trend. Hi3519 utilizes Hisilicon unique CPU + Hi-IVE architecture, only utilizing 50% CPU load to achieve complex intelligent video analysis. This can not only meet the intelligent video analysis needs, but also greatly reduce the requirement for CPU performance, system can adopt low-performance CPU, greatly reduce the power consumption and reduce the system's "Size", so that reduce the cost of final product,  and open up a new road for smart video surveillance products.

Hi-IVE initiated intelligent processing engine

Hi-IVE initiated intelligent processing engine


On May, 2015 - Huawei released its first Internet of Things (IoT) Lite OS in its HNC2015 summit, also announced this "the most lightweight IoT system in the world" open source. Lite OS is 10KB lightweight OS, equipped with config, self-network, cross platform capabilities, it is also ultra low power consumption, can be widely used in smart home, wearable, smart car and industry etc fields, Lite OS makes development of smart hardware become much easier, accelerate the goal for all things being connected. In terms of security, Lite OS includes security components to secure the communication between security sensors and system.

Huawei Internet of Things (IoT) Lite OS

Huawei Internet of Things (IoT) Lite OS

The new Hi3519 SoC can be used in security camera, professional sport camera, as well as portable HD camera. The 4K UHD and HEVC/H.265 video encoding capability allows manufacturers to develop popular products featured with lower power, smaller form, better video/picture quality, effective connection.


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